Wednesday, April 16, 2008

oh brother.....

Here's why:

Sexy - 6x
Breast - 3x
Death - 2x
Porn - 1x

It helps, I suppose, that "sexy" is one of my labels, not just a word used randomly in various posts. And then there's the fact that my mother died of breast cancer. Yes, Ron Jeremy did pass through Colorado Springs last year, but he was touring with a holy man (click on "porn" above for the details). It should be obvious to everyone that these things combined hardly warrant an NC-17 rating.

I'm also wondering why it picked up the word "breast", but not the word penis. And what about whore? Who created this rating program anyhow?

Anyway, I suppose my new rating (which I am rather proud of even if it is suspect) gives me license to recommend this movie. I watched it last night. As it ended, I had a silly happy grin on my face while the tears were gently falling. I was acutely aware that these were genuine emotions, not ones that had been manipulated in the usual Hollywood fashion. It's a beautiful film. And funny. Really. Just watch the trailer:

Or perhaps you would rather take a look at this website. Oh, wait, it's for teens. Damn! Stupid rating. (If you have teens, or if you will soon, please check out the link and watch at least one of the episodes. It's brilliant) I just think it strange how we condone and allow violence in absurd amounts - the average child has seen X* number of murders before he/she is 17, and yet the words breast, death, sexy, and porn are enough to send me into NC-17!? Why is crime and punishment more acceptable to us than sex and relationships? WTF is wrong with our society people!?

More sexy stories about death and breasts and porn to come! (I'll let you decide if that pun was intended or not)

*I'm too lazy to go looking for the stats right now, but I know they're out there.


Jim Thomsen said...

Bring on the snuff films!

reliv4life said...

I rated my came up "G" due to "shoot 1 time" !!! I need to write a blog full of more exciting words, cuz now I just feel boring!!

Alex L said...

That movie clip you directed me to was deleted but I'd seen it before I think it was about the creationist museum?

17+ hey, I dont dare rate my blog, I might find out how childish I am.

Rebecca said...

A friend of mine introduced me to the Midwest Teen Sex Show pod casts. They are brilliant! I will have to check out the trailer you posted.

Our society is ridiculous when it comes to sexuality. So much repression.

Think I'll click on that rating system and see where I fall....

Rebecca said...

ok. I am rated PG...I can live with that, but the explanation is baffling:

This rating was determined based on the presence of the following words:

* pain (2x)
* bastard (1x)

PAIN????? THAT is a trigger word???


Anonymous said...

I rated my blog and got 'G'. I was almost disappointed. I figured all my fart and boob references would have amounted to at least a PG-13. Thanks for the link, it was fun.

Marie Walden said...

Sue, I tried to check on your blog while I was in Argentina but kept getting the message this site may contain adult content.

I wonder if this has anything to do with it!

suesun said...

Blocked in Argentina!? Now THAT's something to be proud of!

Marie Walden said...

I imagine it was because I was using the computer in youth hostels. No porn for the young.

Anonymous said...

I got that rating, too. I think the program samples at random.