Monday, April 7, 2008

three six-word memoirs

1. always wanting guarantees- should know better

2. one foot in, one foot out

3. abandoned runaway lost and found awakening

it seems silly, when you only have six,
to waste one on

but it's a
a connector, a holder togetherer, a clause binder!
More than a hyphen or a comma that splices,
"and" is
the blown egg containing fragments of confetti
the frame holding fast the shattered glass of a car window
the sleek cylinder imprisoning the colors inside a kaleidoscope

"and" is
the only thing that keeps my world from
exploding like a fucking space
i implode-
into colorful patterns and shattered fragments
yet is it not beautiful?

First I read this one, and then this one. Then it was my turn. Now it is your turn: Friar Tuck, Kate, Daisy, Jim, Zak, Brandy.

I just listed six 'cause that's apparently what the rules say: Write a 6-word memoir about yourself and then tag six people.

But then some people feel left out, and I hate feeling left out, or making someone else feel left out. So fuck the rules and do it if you want.

You can also just post your 6-word summary of your life in the comments if you so desire, or don't have your own blog (yet). Just don't do what I did and let the idea roll around in your head for two weeks and drive you crazy. Six words indeed!

It's WAY harder than it sounds. That's why I have three.


Kate said...

Zoinks! This will require some thought.

Rebecca said...

Oh, darn. I did this on someone's blog comments, and I don't remember what I wrote. Now it will be stuck in my head again :)

eleKtrofly said...

reawaking newborn, every morning; i am

Cindy Fey said...

Me! Oh, NOT all about me.

suesun said...

kate- is that your memoir or your reaction? It was six words, so I wasn't sure. :-)
rebecca- so sorry
fly boy - time to wake up!
cindy - ahhh, so true, so true........

Anonymous said...

Love the kaleidoscope. And it is harder than it sounds, because there are so many possibilities that fit.