Friday, April 25, 2008

m is for marina

Marina is moving to NYC. Today is her birthday.

for Marina

I stand and stare
out my kitchen window
to where I know you (only
a few blocks away) are
also standing
also staring

the water
weeping from our
faucets is
temporarily ignored
as we pour
our own into the
and down the east face

we who are friends of Charlotte
spin delicate doilies
and know
that friendship is a train station
sketched in pencil

the wind whistling through the
hollow spaces
will carry us away on
winsome silken strands
to other lands we have yet
to weave

the World Wide Web is not the same as
“Can you get the boys today?” or
a coffee in your kitchen or
a summer Smoky two-wheel ride or
a shared laugh over the antics of our offspring

when you arrive
please try to find
a kitchen
with a window
facing west


Klayton said...

Happy Birthday, Marina. I don't know if I'm more pissed or sad that you guys are leaving.... But either way, you'll be missed!

Anonymous said...

happy birthday marina! sue, your poem made me cry big fat tears. all I can say is I will have more reason to visit New York. and that I know you are excited so I am very excited for you.
xxooxxo, daisy

Nancy said...

I miss you already. Mama

Sarah said...

Happy Birthday Marina,
There will be a hole here that was once occupied by your gentle presence. We will shiver and think of you happy in New York- soon to be a slightly brighter place with the light of you and yours- Love Sarah

sara w said...

happy birthday and many happy returns. i hope your journey is fruitful and rewarding...

Marina said...

double wow. my vain side would like to disown that sweater and hair situation. the other sides thank you for the love friends and mamas. i feel it.
x m

judith said...

We are in the mountains so I won't be able to wish Marina a happy day in person...please give her my best wishes for her day and for her new adventure....she is a lovely woman and I will miss running into her in all the odd little west side places.

eleKtrofly said...

aw-- this is sweet. very personal and intimate.

Swiss Miss said...

Happy Birthday and Happy Trails, Marina. I will miss your gentle and happy demeanor around here. Good luck in your new adventure!

Rebecca said...

I hope Marina enjoyed her birthday! I also hope she is happy in this town. It is warmer than one would think. If she needs any help, drop me a line.