Monday, April 14, 2008

on safety and adventure

I met Jim Thomsen! We dined last Saturday night at the Rialto Cafe in Denver, amidst the warnings of several well-meaning friends and the understandable misgivings of a loving protective husband. It was great! The most fun I've had with a complete stranger in a long time. But you see, we weren't complete strangers, we were that 21st century breed of something heretofore unknown: blog friends. To sit across the table from someone you've never met, yet you are familiar with personal details of each other's lives... well, it was a little disconcerting at first. But only for about 30 seconds. We talked and laughed our way through dinner, and high-fived over 80's songs for which we share a mutual love.

One must always balance the safety/adventure ratio to one's own sense of comfort. I have always valued the adventure side of my life, especially when it comes to people. There are so many interesting, talented, funny people in this world, and I am grateful to have met another one of them.

The news, TV, the compartmentalization of modern American culture..... all conspire against any sense of community we might create by reaching out. Were my friends and husband being unreasonable? Of course not. Are there wicked people out there? Certainly. Should you do everything you can to avoid being a victim? Absolutely. Should you allow the paranoid fear of a minute percentage to overrule the possibility of a newfound friendship?

I think you know my answer to that.


Friar Tuck said...

I have met people that I met in blogland before, but I realize it can be dangerous. I met my wife by commenting on hers :)

reliv4life said...

I like it! I tend to be a little chicken, but I was just thinking today about how many adventures we miss out on because of our human fears! Yea for you!!

Jim Thomsen said...

I really respect Sue — and her husband — for feeling just OK enough with our proposed meeting to actually let it happen. Life's just too short to spend it defining yourself by what you protect yourself from.

I mean, she's married. I had no insidious agenda, nor would I have had any right or reason to. We met in an absurdly public place. We both had other places to be after about ... what, an hour and 45 minutes? It was about as unrisky as a first encounter could possibly be.

But ditto to all Sue said. We had instant laughing rapport. We high-fived over our mutual love of Echo And The Bunnymen and "You Spin Me Right Round Baby Right Round Like A Record Baby Right Round Round Round" ... and we had a good dinner. I felt instantly comfortable sharing some deeper things that had been on my mind of late, and she was an empathetic as well as sympathetic listener.

As I said on my blog, just like she said on hers, I think we both knew we had just cemented a lifelong friendship.

And the parting hug was worth the trip to Denver. :)

Rebecca said...

Damned Skippy, Sue, life is too short to be lived fearfully. I am glad your sense of adventure won out, and you didn't pass up the opportunity to meet a blog friend. Should you find yourself in New York, lemme know :)

Kate said...

I totally agree. If given an opportunity, I would LOVE to meet any of my blog friends! (Let me know if you ever come to SLC!)

suesun said...

Friar-that is so cool! Congrats.

livelife-it's always good to be a little chicken, just not too much of one.

jim - all that

R- I'll be in Ithaca and NYC in June... how close is that to you?

Kate- maybe we can do some skiing next winter!?

All - If'n you're ever in C/S, be sure to let me know. There's a place at the table already set......

Swiss Miss said...

You are the yin to my frightened, uptight, opinionated yang! Thanks for being you, Sue!

Rebecca said...

Sue, NYC is where I am. I live in Queens, work in Manhattan. What are your dates in June?