Saturday, January 24, 2009

where's sue?

(hint: look for the bald head!)

Grant and Bennett are on either side of me, and John is next to Bennett. Click on the photo for a closer view.

Want more cool photos from the latest Yogic Spiral? Here you go.


citizen of the world said...

That is very neat. Was this a ceremony you were participating in?

SaElWa said...

Is Bennett counting the ceiling tiles? :)

suesun said...

citizen- I'm not quite sure "ceremony" is the right word, but it's certainly close. We did a little sa-ta-na-ma chant followed by some impromptu yoga and a little improvisational obama song, finishing off with a hand-held unspiraling out one set of doors and back in another. It was almost too much fun to be called a ceremony!

saelwa- yeah, he must take after me, counting things as a form of religious experience!