Monday, January 19, 2009

when does 7/12 equal 100%?

I hate fractions. I tell my adult students that there really is no reason to know how to add, subtract, multiply, or divide fractions if you know how to change those fractions into decimals. I still believe this. But what I have learned over the past few months is that thinking in fractions can be very natural, and more comforting, for some reason, than a decimal or a percent.

Back in October, twelve chemotherapy infusions were staring me in the face.

I wish I had had these balloons when I started, but I didn't actually get them until I was nearly half-way. They arrived from Denver in December. Of all the gifts I have received (all the food, all the cards, all the emails, all the books....), THIS has got to be the greatest one so far. Twelve balloons in a packet, complete with instructions. Instructions that took into account my children, and their need to be involved. The boys and I blew, numbered, and taped. Together. Then we popped.

Ever since October, I have been counting in fractions. One-twelfth done. Then one-sixth. One-fourth. One-third. Five-twelfths. One half. All this counting brings me to where I am now: seven-twelfths.

The bright colors make me happy. Bumping into them as I walk through the door reminds me that I CAN, indeed, do this thing. Finish it out.

Only now I may not have to. I'll let you know more after I see the doc tomorrow. But it seems that seven-twelfths may, indeed, be 100% for me.


The Burkles said...

I cross my fingers and put it out there for you to be 100%

Anonymous said...

Oh, I am holding you in my heart on this one!

Swiss Miss said...

I hope this is gonna be good news, Sue! You have a knack for keeping me on the edge of my seat. Please post something immediately when you find out. Sorry I've been out of touch, but I think of you often!



Anonymous said...

Oh yeah! I'm crossing my fingers, toes, arms and legs, and if I don't fall over while doing that I'll send prayers out to the universe for you :-) I hope your doc visit brings you what you need right now. xoxo, d

Lynn said...

May ALL the balloons be popped soon....if that is what will be the best thing for you sweet friend!

Kirby said...

I hope you received fabulous news, but even if the news wasn't fabulous you still only have five balloons left. Think about how many less than 12 that is!!!

Anonymous said...

I heard them - way up here in Denver. Seven loud pops! Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam! It was music to my ears. Glad the boys could take part. I love that second picture of the doorway with seven balloon tails. Only five more. Thinking of you every day, Sue.
Love, Jane