Sunday, June 29, 2008

for (anyone) who has considered suicide when the rainbow is enuf

There are many ways to keep young and old alike from killing themselves. Give them options and outlets. Make sure they know they are loved. Medication. But we all know nothing is foolproof. And only the foolhardy believe that every life should to be saved every time - individual choice can and should be respected, especially with the old.

But often, especially with the young, flirting with suicide is just a temporary blinding, an encroaching darkness, a situational circumstance. In those cases, what if there WERE something that really COULD help? Perhaps not in the long run, but at least in the short? Something that would open a window in a brick wall, if only for a brief moment? Something that could lift the fog for a few seconds to allow one to glimpse the sun? Something that could light a temporary torch in a deep dark cave?

It's called Hopeline. And it's in danger. It seems nothing these days is safe from the long lethal tentacles of the federal government. Please read. And watch. Donate if you feel so inspired. Then pass it on. That is, after all, what we do best in the blog world.

A little scrap of hope and a little bit of time are often enough to help someone begin to claw their way out. And more often than not, they are grateful for the chance to live, even if they don't know it until years later.

Thanks to Frank at Post Secret for helping to spread the word.

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