Wednesday, June 4, 2008


This made me laugh:

But these make him happy:

As we were departing for the Sand Dunes last week, I looked back to check on the boys and make sure they had everything before we got too far from home. I saw Grant reading, realized he didn't have his glasses on, and asked:

"Hey Bug, where are your glasses?" (He's near-sighted, so he's NOT supposed to wear them while reading).

Without looking up: "In my backpack."

Worried: "Where in your backpack?"

Unconcerned: "In their case. I have the cleaner too."

This is a kid who can't pick up his dirty laundry to save his life. Who leaves food wrappers on the living room floor. Whose sunglasses are scratched beyond belief. Who has a hard time (just like his mother) remembering to close cupboards and drawers after extracting the contents for which he opened them.

And yet he can remember to not read with his glasses, to never leave them on the floor, to always put them on the bathroom shelf at night, to put them on in the morning, and pack them for camping without being reminded! I just don't get it!

I suppose it has something to do with the miracle of being able to see the individual leaves on the trees and the outlines of the clouds in the sky. Once you see the clarity of the world, I suspect you value it enough not to leave your glasses lying around.

Me? I now need reading glasses, but I have three pair that I keep scattered around the house, and if you know me, I usually have one of them perched on top of my head. It's amazing how quickly they become a part of you.

Next up? Braces, of course.


reliv4life said...

isn't it interesting what a little self motivation will do? Really cool that he takes care of them so well! I also have the cabinet door/drawer issue at my house...sometimes I walk into the kitchen and doors are open everywhere!

John said...

That top pic is very steampunk! Awesome! That is a keeper to look at for years and years to come. :) :)

jana said...

I wish they would have told me not to read with my glasses when I was a kid. I would probably have much better vision today.

Anonymous said...

I have a near-identical set of photos, and my son is also remarkably good about wearing his glasses when he is supposed to