Monday, February 12, 2007


i love the west side
walking past a graveyard of vw's
and this


Klayton Elliot Kendall said...

Why am I not living on the West Side? Today we found taped to our front door a "Notice of Violation" from a city code enforcement officer. The jackass forget to check off the appropriate violation, or write anything in the blank space, so we don't know what we've done wrong. Maybe we should spray-paint IN OUR WORLD YOU DON'T EXIST on our garage door.

suesun said...

First a swastika, now a violation notice... they're after ya, I say.... after ya!

John said...

Yeah Klayton, why aren't you guys living on the West Side? Once the weather warms up you'll find it very handy to live walking/crawing distance from my house, which has a habit of becoming something of a social hub.

You guys would fit in perfectly around here, and it is pretty inexpensive too.

Doug said...

I now know where all the VW vans go to die.
Except that they're not all dead yet.
My neighbor has like three of them and they all run.
I love the Westside.