Wednesday, February 14, 2007

for john part 2

I know this is old news, and the Richard Dawkins documentary "The God Delusion" came out awhile back. But, hey, I didn't know how to blog then, so I didn't know how to share it with you all. This is simply part three of a four part series. I know the raving wacko Ted show is hard to stomach, but wait 'til the last couple of minutes and you'll husband, John Spengler! (They spelled his name "Spangler", only mildly annoying given the circumstances). I was there, i shook his hand, I talked to The Man, I chatted with his film crew. This ranks as one of those WOW moments of my life!


John said...

I saw John on the BBC special. He was great. They did a wonderful job of making Colorado Springs look wacky.

Anonymous said...

By my count, your husband still has 13-1/2 minutes of fame left to go!

Great clip, thanks for sharing.


Alex L said...

Ah yes I saw that a while ago, well bits of it on the TV. (the clip is gone now though).