Saturday, February 10, 2007

caepa rendezvous

I went to a conference at a big hotel surrounded by big streets and a big shopping mall that served big meals. I learned some interesting things (did you know you can make a crossword puzzle with excel?), and I listened to some crap (If she says "Part/Whole" one more time I am going to fucking LOSE IT!!). I danced to a really cheesy rock band called "The Strolling Scones" that played covers of every predictable song. It was, I guess you would say, business as usual as far as conferences go.
I heard a man speak named Dr. Chuck Luna. He is the co-director of the Rocky Mountain Intercultural Institute He was passionate and inspiring and understands the lives of real people. After his address, I wanted to ask him to run for president. He said the only really thought-provoking thing I heard in those two days: "A junior in high school right now will have an average of 12-16 careers in his or her lifetime........4 of them don't even exist yet."


SaElWa said...

sorry i missed the pleasure of your company. not sorry i missed the conference of mediocrity.

Anonymous said...

Hey I was there and the Strolling Scones are a very cool band ... you ought to hear their album! It's available at and there is nothing predictable about it!

Strolling Scones said...
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Anonymous said...

cool shoes

suesun said...

I was just telling it like I saw it, and it was in no way meant to be insulting.... sorry you took it that way. I saw "cheesy" as simply part of their schtick. And you can't tell me that "Louie Louie" is NOT predictable!!

As artists, you know that if you take a risk and do something "out there", you're bound to get various opinions on with it.

The musicians were all very talented and I had a great time dancing. So cheers!

anonymous - yeah, totally cool shoes!