Monday, February 26, 2007

culture cast

Get yourself over to Newspeak and check out
Springs Culture Cast, Edition 2, produced by Klayton Elliot Kendall, featuring Craig Richardson and yours truly. This week we report on Marina Zurkow's "Nicking the Never", an amazing multi-media installation of sight and sound.

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bill said...

a small writing from the early days of Manitou and Stillpoint and Gai Fu Feng

Gai-Fu takes me on a walk..
Gai-Fu, horny old goat, propeiter of Stillpoint, a Tai-Chi/Gestalt place of study in Maintou Springs.
Gai-Fu walks me to a low point of a drainage, oil cans, plastic garbage, moldy sofa, black plastic bags spewing paper and food and diapers and and.
Gai-Fu has light in his eye. Bill, he says. People go to National Park, go to forest, go to beautiful ocean and desert. That is so easy to see. They are told where to look.
Gai-Fu has holy light in his eyes. Here he says. Here is where the healing shall happen. Water, sacred force of Taoism and earth, brings all together in low points, there shall purification be.

Shit. I twisted my ankle on the steps going down to the barbecue, and hosed my right ankle. Soon afterward my toe on my left foot began to hurt. Mebbe I fucked it up too. And then it became swollen. And red. And I had it X Rayed. And finally someone told me that I probably had gout. I had not been drinking enough water. I had been to New Mexico, on a road trip. I had been drinking a lot of beer with my friends Rick and Eddie. Running thru the desert shooting guns. Mexican food.

Gai-Fu laughs and smiles, spins in the movement of Tai-Chi, swoops the newly arrived California blonde into his room, clear water, flowing and laughing..
Gai-Fu has all here, broken and confused, hesitant and angry. Perhaps they shall learn the lesson of clear water flowing. Where else could they go??

Shit. At 58, I need to stretch. I need to drink a lot of water. Ureic acid, and the drainage seems to be going to my goddam toe. The last of the ski season and I can’t even get my boots on. I limp and whimper. I load my vitamin boxes. I drink another liter of water. I pee a lot. I will go swim soon.

Gai-Fu, I think of your spirit when I read of the bays in India, where they take the ships of the ocean to dismantle, and pollution spews and the life of the ocean and the life of the coast becomes toxic.
Gai-Fu, I think of your spirit when I read of the places in China where the outflow of the rivers is orange and frothy and the air stings the lungs.
Gai-Fu, I think of your spirit when I see the families on the Caspian Sea with tumors and ravaged kidneys.
Gai-Fu, I think of your spirit when I see, when I read, when the language of my body tells me……

To the memory of my teacher and friend Gai-Fu Feng, Hong Kong investment banker, co-founder of Eslan, innkeeper of Stillpoint, a place of healing where he allowed the low point to exist for healing of spirit of humanity and nature.