Wednesday, June 10, 2009

poem in facebook status update format

Sue Spengler
wants a job which would require her to drive a Chevy pickup on dirt roads, wear gloves, and look through some sort of lens
has amazing experiences, because she expects to
likes going to places that feel like foreign countries but that are only a half-day's drive away
is writing while driving on roads she's never been on before
slipped, fell down, brushed herself off, and remembered to slow down
thinks wars should be forgotten
picked things up and put them in her pockets
communed quietly with two winter coat-shedding deer
pulled over to take some photos; didn't pull over to take some others
is following a silvery sleek Airstream dream
worries that she missed the turnoff
has a thing for boxcars and junkyards
should not have doubted her instinct
has proved her intersecting point


Tom said...

There was Bella a bright yellow Jimmy and Buck the Ford 150 and I still got Truckie the diminutive Toyota though nowadays I no longer work with my hands so much so not much need for a truck but I got Prilosec instead. Bad trade. Good poem--all that's what it made me think of.

Anonymous said...

If you find that job, will you let me know where to apply?