Friday, June 26, 2009

bennettism #101

In an honestly frustrated, nearly angry voice: "But I just don't get it, why is it named after a magazine?!"

Bennett - while discussing whether or not we should go see Battle of the Smithsonian this afternoon.

Grandma's influence on my children will be everlasting. At our house, they read Horrible Harry and Harry Potter; at Grandma's house, they read The New Yorker, Tintin, National Geographic, and, yes, Smithsonian..


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secret agent woman said...

That's funny. We had those magazines around (escpet Tin Tin) when I was growing up. I still get the New Yorker, and the kids have subscriptions to Popular Science and Discover.

Kate said...

I have to comment on your new bike, which is exactly the bike I have been wanting! Although green would be accepteble as well.