Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Color Pink

I have reconciled myself to the color pink. This pink. My new bike pink. The color my hair might be in a few weeks, if I can find the right shade of pink. The color of Olwyn's pink tiara I wore at my Done With Chemo Party. The Pink Brick Box my boys bought me for Mothers Day.

The bike is a new cruiser, fashioned to look like an old one. I drove past it every day on my way from school to radiation at the end of May. Finally, one day, I stopped. Test rode (this pic). Bought. No deliberation necessary.

It makes me happy to ride it. Happy to go at the speed of one speed. Happy to be a Rose Parade, with myself as the only entry. Happy to throw everything into the front basket (purchased later) and just go.

Today, I filled my basket and headed out to do some errands at about 4:00 pm. First stop, the post office, where I mailed my husband's 12-inch braid to Locks of Love. Two nights ago he let me cut it, and shave his head with the 1/2 inch attachment. Wow. He's had that hair for 20 years. Now he has hair that looks like mine.

While at the post office, I left the bike unlocked, but it was out of sight. A real lesson in trust. I only got out of line once to check on it. But I refuse to lock it up everywhere I stop, because it's impractical! Especially if I've got four or five places to get to before dinner.

Next stop: The Medicine Shoppe on Colorado Ave. I parked my bike out front (it has a kickstand!), and carried in my wallet and new scrip for Tamoxifen I had gotten from my oncologist earlier that day. While waiting, I decided to browse The Bookman. The pharmacist said the bike would be safer in front of his store, and he could watch it for me. When I came out of the bookstore and looked towards the pharmacy, my bike was nowhere to be seen! For a brief nano-second, I feared the worst. But when I looked in, there it was, parked in the middle of the pharmacy. The pharmacist had brought it in! I love my neighborhood.

I placed the bottle of pills in my basket, as well as the book I had picked up for Bennett for two bucks, and rode off towards the garden. We have a small but useful plot in the new Old Colorado City Community Garden, which is about six blocks from our house.

At the garden, I discovered new locks on the gates, and it just didn't feel quite right. They were definitely not Locks of Love. They felt like locks of exclusion. Even though we've got a deranged crazy lady roaming through, picking onions, and calling people names, that still didn't seem like reason enough to put locks on all three of the gates. Anyway, after calling Elise and getting the combo, I went in and picked some spinach and some greens, which I placed in a plastic container I had brought with me. Again, in the front basket of my unlocked bicycle. Needless to say, the salad I made for dinner, with some boiled eggs on top for protein, was second to none.

Baskets on bikes are not "cute"; they are PRACTICAL! It's so easy to just throw in what I need, and pedal out the driveway. No special shoes or dorky neon shirts with pockets in the back. I prefer skirts.

At some point in our recent history, "biking" became a sport, and not a way of life. I hate exercising, but going to the post office, the pharmacy, and the garden (I was also going to return a book to the library, but my neighbor I stopped to talk to was on her way there and said she would drop it off for me) on my new pink cruiser is just fun. I look for a reason to ride it every day.

I have a lock for it, but I lost the directions on how to set the combo. At some point, I will call the bike shop and have them help me figure it out. I will most likely use it if I park downtown and have to leave the bike for a few hours (yoga, for example). Until then, I will continue to roam the Westside lockless. With love. Like my husband.


Anonymous said...

Ruby got the best pink in her hair this week (though she went swimming right after and it washed out--you're supposed to go without washing or chlorining your hair for a few days). Got it at Paul Mitchell beauty school for $10, called Inkworks and it would look fab on you!

Anonymous said...

the locks are a logistical pain, it is so hard to pop in and out of the garden like I used to. I had my watering can and keys in hand, had to drop everything to try to lock the little bugger (and unlock on the way in). Briefly contemplated hopping the fence, which I'm sure anyone could do if they really want to get in.
I saw Elise there, we puzzled on whether anything has gone missing besides the few plots where the crazy lady came through. No one but the bugs have violated my plot.
great post, makes me want to go for a ride with you on my banana yellow cruiser!

secret agent woman said...

Cool bike. I wish our town was set up for riding a bike - the roads are narrow and twisting with absolutely no shoulder - far too dangerous to be on in a bike.

Beth said...

Please post a picture of John with the 1/2 inch cut. I've been shaving Peter's with the 1/4 inch for years. It's an intimate thing--shaving your partner's head. Peter may never go back to having hair. He loves the close cut and I love to pet it.

Gwen said...

Love the bike, love the pink, love all you guys....PLEASE DON'T MAKE US WAIT UNTIL MADISON TO SEE JOHN'S NEW DO!!!! Please send pics :-)

Anonymous said...

Hey, Nopp here. I'll have to send you picts of my new set of wheels (think sports car of trikes) -- it does feel good to be riding again. and baskets are not bad -- I would have never had one on my old road bike ... but it is nice to have - they can even cary your lock :-) even if you don't use it.

SaElWa said...

gotta move to the west side...