Wednesday, October 22, 2008

our daily rumi

The beneficent and marvelous Kat Tudor came over to my house today for a private yoga lesson. How this came about, and what happened during our first session, is another one of those serendipitious occurrences that make me sometimes believe the universe is not chaotic, but rather ordered and purposeful.

First, I participated in a human chanting Yogic Spiral with Kat, and then interviewed her for Colorado Culture Cast. Must see!

A few days later, a friend sent me a magazine article about the benefits of a private yoga instructor to help heal from breast cancer.

Later that night, in a pile of scattered papers, I found a postcard of Kat's that l had picked up at the Spiral event. It said she was now offering private yoga lessons. Hmmmmmm.........

The area under the right armpit where I had 11 lymph nodes removed is still painful. Whenever I reach for something with my right hand, everything stretches and pulls uncomfortably. My first round of chemo made me feel sick beyond belief for several days. My spirit was temporarily crushed. I knew I needed to do something for both my body and my soul.

I found it today.

After I was relaxed and breathing and had done this amazing opening the heart pose that made me feel both vulnerable and powerful, Kat asked me for my birthday. I told her. She picked up this book, opened to a page, paused a moment, and then said, "Oh, this one. I guess I'll just have to read it then."

January 11

Muhammad went to visit a sick friend.
Such kindness brings more kindness,
and there is no knowing the proliferation from there.

The man was about to die.
Muhammad put his face close and kissed him.

His friend began to revive.
Muhammad's visit re-created him.
He began to feel grateful for an illness
that brought such light.

And also for the backpain
that wakes him in the night.

No need to snore away like a buffalo
when this wonder is walking the world.

There are values in pain that are difficult
to see without the presence of a guest.

Don't complain about autumn.
Walk with grief like a good friend.
Listen to what he says.

Sometimes the cold and dark of a cave
give the opening we most want.


It was just so wickedly eerie and I shed tears of amazement and I think we were both just blown away by the power and perfection of it. I think I have a new favorite poet. Say goodbye to Our Daily Rilke.


Anonymous said...

Oh, how serendipitous it all is! As one close friend tells me regularly, "Beth, there are NO coincidences." I do believe that the universe has a way of crossing my path with messages over and over. Sometimes it needs to really knock me out, though, so I'll pay attention. I'm glad I played a small part in inspiring you to find Kat. How wonderful for you! Hugs, Beth

Jenny said...

I dreamt of Kat last night! I gave her the keys to my house because I had the keys to hers. Awesome.

Jim Thomsen said...

I'm so happy to hear of serendipity in the midst of pain. And so happy to hear from you, my friend.

Anonymous said...

I was just enjoying your culture cast interview on the yogic spiral, how serendipitous this all is. The poem brought tears to my eyes too. Love love love to you.

Katherine Mercurio Gotthardt said...

Oh No! I love Rilke! Though that bit about walking in autumn with pain is terrific as well.

Can't you have both?

Anonymous said...

Lovely find, and a wonderful example of synchronicity.