Saturday, March 1, 2008

one virgen's lament x3

Remember, girl-
When we painted each other’s newly-ripened nearly-seventh grade nipples
With Breezy’s brushes
And Rainbow’s colors
In teepees, protected by
The spirits of gynomundo and the footprints of faeries?

Remember, girl-
When you and I would,
Naked and laughing,
Tickle each other’s backs with folklore rhymes
Of applesauce and morse code,
Discovering our power by raising tiny goosebumps
Out of frigid flesh?

Remember, girl-
When we maintained absolute belief in the power of a creed
Girls Life Long Bounce Back Insurance
Permanent ink in the palms of our hands
An invisible veil of protection from the boys
Who would intrude?

Remember, girl-
For the ink will wear away.



Maria said...

Ah...I do remember. My poem is a little different from yours but the refrain remains the same.

eleKtrofly said...

ah. me too, only change "girl" to "boy" and "newly-ripened breasts" to... um... well nevermind.

Friar Tuck said...

you are an excellent poet

eleKtrofly said...

i had to come back and read this again.

i like the invisible veil to protect you from boys. :)