Wednesday, March 12, 2008

i love oregon, part II

When I lived in Salem, this house belonged to "The Lost Boys". I was in love with one of them. Now it is the home of Janet and John Roy and sometimes Jesse. It's still a place where lost souls can come and always find a place at the table. Or in the garden. They won't serve you a drink, and that's just fine.


Friar Tuck said...

My grandparents lived in Salem, and my father went to high school there. I miss the green of Oregon this time of year.

suesun said...

The green was so unbelievably assaulting on the eyeballs. I also grew up and went to high school in Salem!

eleKtrofly said...

haha, i love the 4:20 thumb tacks :)

Marie said... unfair. We had bunches of snow here today. I am helping the American Cancer Society bundle daffodils tomorrow morning, so I shall have to content myself with cut flowers.

I've never been to Oregon. I'm thinking of driving my kids that way this summer. You've motivated me!