Sunday, February 10, 2008

fire horse +

The Chinese New Year turned my mind 'round to a really simple and fascinating chart that I found in The Litterbox (don't ask, just go) a few weeks back.  I liked it because it had not only the animals, but also the elements and whether or not it was a yin year (-) or a yang year (+).

I am a FIRE HORSE +. Yikes! Look out world! I love this kind of shit!

My husband is an EARTH DOG +. I can't think of anything more true than this: "The Dog can be happy with the Horse who will let him get on with his causes in exchange for a little independence."

                           What are you? Does it fit?

(P.S. When I first typed that title, my fingers managed to leave out the "r" in horse, thus making me a fire hose. Hmmmm.....)


Swiss Miss said...

I am a wood tiger (hope that's not like a paper tiger). 'The Western term for a particularly fierce woman is "dragon lady," but the Chinese call her an "old tiger lady." She has many expectations of her partners which can cause difficulties; she wants to dominate relationships because of her I wilindependent nature and desire to rule. A female Tiger won't submit willingly to the Confucian ideal of womanhood, which dictates that a daughter obey her father, a wife obey her husband, and an older woman obey her eldest son. For this reason some Chinese avoid having children in the Tiger Year -- for fear of having a daughter.'

From here on out, you will all refer to me as Dragon Lady.

ORION said...

I loved that!! I really enjoy this time of year. It's too fun when you have to figure out who and what you are LOL!

Maria said...

I'm an earth dog. As is Bing. Which made me laugh because there are no two people as different as we are.

The Computer Guy said...

I've always loved Chinese Astrology. I being a Rat, and my wife is a Pig (hee hee) seems to work out well. I'm an outtie and she's and innie. No wait, that was positives and negatives wasn't it?

Marie Walden said...

Water surprise there.

Your blog just gets better and better!

Meg said...

wob and i are both fire dragons, born in the same lunar year. and he's an aries which is also a fire sign. it's a surprise we aren't a pile of ashes by now :)