Tuesday, February 19, 2008

derby dames

I have the utmost respect for these girls. They take their sport seriously, and are the hottest things on four wheels that I know of in this town.

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"In Segment 119, Springs Culture Cast reporter Sue Spengler talks with a few of the Pikes Peak Derby Dames All Stars after their win against the Houston Hard Knocks."

(If the video doesn't seem to load, you can watch it here: Derby Dames!

But perhaps most importantly, happy first birthday to Springs Culture Cast, which posted the very first segment today in 2007.

Amazing. I like anniversaries and birthdays because they naturally inspire your mind to wander to the place of, "Hmmmm... where was I at this exact time last year....?"

Look how far SCC has come in one revolution. Look how far we have all come.

And where were you, this time last year?


Kate said...

Unfortunately, exactly where I am now, just a year younger.

reliv4life said...

I would love to go see that someday! A year ago I was just beginning to get my life back after years of being ill... I was still afraid to be too hopeful! SO GLAD I am where I am today and not back there!!Thanks for the reminder.