Wednesday, December 12, 2007

art teachers first!

Congratulations, Tom Burkle!

Here's why


Maria said...

Yes. Yes. Boy howdy, yes.

We need more of them.

Marina said...

Nicely done Tom!

And not to be a total brat, but I wanted to point out the underlying value judgement in supporting art & music education on the basis of the arts' positive effects on academic performance. I mean, no one ever says it's important to teach math and science because these studies help students with their art and music. Know what I mean?

Tom said...

Thanks Maria,
This has been fun and quite an honor when Chipeta parents and kids have come up to me excited to see the interview on TV.
Suzanne and I discussed what I might say during my interview at length to determine what kind of message I might be able to send. I did not want to come off as if the students and I just have a good time making stuff. That would have been positive, and I firmly believe in art is one of the most important parts of childhood, however, I don't know if that might have made an impact for schools with struggling or nonexistent art programs.
I decided to try to speak to the average evening news watcher in the Springs, and elementary principals about why they need an art program. My principal said some amazing things about how an art program can effect CSAP scores positively. You and I know this instinctively, however, many watching the evening news think of art as something extra and fun.
Please remember that they only showed a few seconds of a ten min interview.
In hindsight, I may have been using circular reasoning, because you can also say that a solid understanding of biology, anatomy, and physics could help a person become a better artist.
I hope that a principal somewhere strengthens their art program because of this TV spot. I guess I am a dreamer.