Sunday, March 15, 2009

seven random shingly things

1. I always thought shingles was an old-lady disease, on account of the fact that the only person I ever knew who had it was my grandmother. Turns out LOTS of people I know have had it! And they're not old.

2. Because I have shingles, chemo has been postponed AGAIN!

3. Tomorrow should have been my last round, number 12, if all had gone as planned. But because of all the delays (neuropathy, liver functions, low WBC, and now shingles) I still have three left. That's six more weeks.

4. They hurt. Kind of like having a knife jabbed into your back.

5. I'm banned from hot springs and swimming pools, two of my most favorite places.

6. I don't really even care anymore about chemo being postponed, or not being able to soak at Mt. Princeton. I'm not sure if that means I'm less depressed, or more depressed.

7. I am learning to live beyond "should have" and "as planned".


Kate said...

Oh, that BITES! I am so sorry you have shingles, partly because they hurt, and partly because they are arresting your forward movement.

Anonymous said...

I hate to hear that. I guess it's because your immune system is so surpressed. And you're right - younger people get them all the time. I wonder why they don't give people a shigles vaccine before starting chemo?

Anyway, hope they ease off soon and you are able to finish the bloody chemo rounds.

SaElWa said...

can you harvest them and re-do your roof?

Bettina said...

I'm so sorry you won't be able to soak, but I am so GLAD you are still coming! Hopefully happy, laughing women will make you feel better.

Kirsten said...

I now know how my parents felt when they looked after us when we had childhood illnesses. At some point when they'd done what they could to make us comfortable, they would look at us helplessly and say, I wish I could have (insert disease) instead of you!

Wish I could have shingles instead, dearest.


Beth said...

So I'm another one of those friends who have also survived this especially painful chicken pox virus variety. Ugh! I got them 6 months AFTER my last chemo. Hope yours are long gone by now. Two weeks would be a quick turn around time...

Hugs, Beth