Sunday, March 1, 2009

it's all about the process

Too often, I don't think I give myself enough credit for my creativity. I see it so readily in others, perhaps because I tend to surround myself with so many talented and creative people.

Here, though, is an example of what I can do (with a little help from my friends and family) when I put my mind to it. It's taken roughly two years, but the tile mosaic in my bathroom is FINISHED!

The shell angel(above) is a tribute to my mother, who, I believe, really did see angels once.

The sun was the first design to go in (of course!). Followed shortly by the volcano that Bennett helped to create.

Thanks to Sara, who assisted me with this lupine. But mostly she helped me get over my self-doubt and sluggish mentality. To the right of the lupine, you will see pieces from my mother's broken hotplate from Alaska, with Mt. McKinley in the center.

Into this blue-green montage went the pieces of a small bowl I broke. It was one of my husband's favorites, a piece of Russian Gardner porcelain passed down from his parents. I still feel horrible about it. (Advice: never, ever, get a stone kitchen floor! Everything breaks instantly when it hits.) Also some cool polished glass found in the creek bed behind our park.

"Mad-Eye Moody", named by Grant who assisted with this design, is made from some pieces I bought last summer from a local guy. I wish I knew his name so I could give him credit. He makes tiles and magnets and jewelry and barrettes from plastic he finds in the streets and paints with fingernail polish. Is that cool or what? If you look closely, he has a wand in his hand.
And the moon, of course.

Finally, in the corner, a trilobite and fish fossil, surrounded by some leftover tiles given to me by Chris Alvarez. They gave me the inspiration I needed to finally finish it off.

So now it's finished!

Well... almost. I still need to decide whether to use white or gray grout. Then I need to grout it. Then I need to clean up after myself. Then we need to get a shower curtain (clear, of course). Then perhaps, we'll actually be able to shower in it! Could take another year or so. Don't hold your breath.


The Burkles said...

What Beauty! What Creativity! What perseverance! I love it. I saw your tools out the other day and wanted to ask, YOU ARE A GODDESS!!!!!!

suesun said...

oh yeah... and thanks to Tom Burkle for originally teaching me how to tile and grout in the first place! :-)

b carstenium said...

Literal pieces and fragments of past and present reincarnated to display your absolute style and it reflects how you move through life with the intensity of your soul.

Anonymous said...

That is absolutely gorgeous and I love the rich menaing behind the separate parts.

Cindy Fey said...

So Beautiful. I see trees and faces and mountains. If you're going to seal the grout, my contractor found one that was soy-based. Much less stinky and toxic than the regular stuff.

Anonymous said...

hey babe, meant to tell you how beautiful this is! Can't wait to see it in person. BTW, if you want someone to help you grout it, just let me know:0)

Anonymous said...

Wow. It's absolutely beautiful.

jana said...

I love it! I think gray grout.