Thursday, December 18, 2008

Does Kelly Corrigan miss anything?

I don't think so.

Consider this my early Solstice gift to all the amazing women I know: to those who sit at my kitchen table, those who live across oceans, those who have become my friends because our children were friends, and those who I know only through blogging:

If you want to attempt to understand what it might possibly be like to experience the loss of one's hair, you can also watch her read the chapter from her memoir, The Middle Place, on Going Bald. It's chapter 13. Another reason to love that number. I've tried to read stories of breast cancer survivors, but so many of them fail me, for some reason or another. Hers is the first one that has resonated; that has made me smile in self-recognition.


Kirsten said...

Happy solstice. Here's to moving into the light.

Kirsten said...

Happy solstice. Here's to moving into the light.

Lynn said...

Chapter 13.
A prime number.
Base word for 'Primo" which is what this speech is!
It had me in tears.
How beautifully moving.
love to you sweet friend

citizen of the world said...

Both these had me crying.

A warm and light-filled solstice to you.

Cindy Fey said...

Thanks for posting these. What a sweet solstice gift. You're the best.

daisy said...

Love, light and rebirth . . . that is what the solstice brings as we move back "closer to the sun". Thanks for your light Sue!
xoxox, Daisy