Monday, August 25, 2008

wish i were here.....

sort of. The Democratic National Convention is taking place a mere hour's drive away, in Denver. Just in case you didn't know. Some people don't. A LOT of people don't. Which surprises me.

Anyway, some people I know WERE there over the weekend. Here are some pics.

More pics here

And video:


Jim Thomsen said...

The whole thing looks a LOT to me like the 1999 WTO riots in Seattle ... which I got way too close to as a journalist. Nothing like getting tear-gassed at close range and spending the next two hours alternately puking and trying to claw your own eyes out.

What makes all the protesting and bullshit in Denver so pathetic is that it's so free of substance. Nothing truly important is happening there. It's all scripted reality TV on the order of "The Bachelor." It's all a naked grab for camera time. The convention would go a lot more smoothly if the media staye-d home and just let a couple of CSPAN camerapeople handle everything.

Anonymous said...

I think peaceful demonstrations are important, whether they change anything or not. Sometimes it is just important to witness.