Saturday, April 28, 2007

oh my!

Post-reporting on the Out Loud concert.....
Jene and I found seats next to some gentlemen from the Denver Gay Men's Chorus; there were at least 20 or so in attendance. The love was palpable. We entertained ourselves before the show began by searching for dirty lyrics in the hymnal (not hard to do when you alter how you see). The first set was moving, relaxing, voices blending and washing over the audience like some sort of baptism by aural beauty. You don't have to be religious to appreciate a heart-on-your-sleeve Hallelujah. There was also a lively operatic duet from "La Traviata" (the only opera I have ever seen, incidentally) with a female guest which received a standing ovation. After the intermission came Dorothy and the green-faced Wicked Witch, singing, most metaphorically, "It's Not Easy Being Green". The crowd was energized by ABBA at the end, but not nearly as much as I had expected. I was one of the few dancing in the aisles. If you saw this show, and did not leave smiling, then you are truly not human at all.

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John said...

This is exactly the kind of thing that our city needs more of. This season I've been feeling as if the Springs is finally reaching some kind of a critical mass of culture -- a breaking through into being more of a true metropolitan center as opposed to the sub-urban feel that the place had when I arrived 11 years ago. Nice. :)