Thursday, January 25, 2007


Ok, so my 2nd grade extremely distractable son is sitting at his desk trying to do his homework. He's supposed to be identifying character's feelings based on events that happened in the story he just read.
A few weeks ago, my husband acquired a 54-year-old bottle of "House of Lords" Scotch Whiskey from his deceased father's stash (according to his mother, it was a wedding gift to his parents) Said bottle is just sitting on a shelf a few feet from said son's wandering mind. Suddenly he says, "The spoonerism for House of Lords is Louse of Hordes".....
Needless to say, I cut his homework from 6 events/feelings down to 3, for being so innocently brilliant and giving us such a good laugh.

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Mark H said...

Louse of Hourdes is a brilliant one.
Prior to our high school soccer matches nobody would notice when I'd intentionally remind them that it was time for the toin coss.