Sunday, January 21, 2007

Cocoon of Worlds

do you have one?
you know-
the one who
held your heart for what seemed like eternity
but it was only
the not-quite-grown-up-time.
Here is one of mine.
tell me about yours.


Mark H said...

"Mine" told via the timeless Limerick:
(I do have red facial hair. Is this good enough?)

There once was a woman named Karen,
Who thought that love was for sharin',
She cheated on me,
For a minimal fee,
Then left with a man for Paris.

I love her still, and we might
have a laugh about it.

Mark H said...


"Then left with a man from Paris." sounds better.

The man is in fact a vintner from somewhere in France. I'll be honored to meet him and the new family some day.

suesun said...

Someday you will journey to France
To dance a most delicate dance
with her family you'll play
drinking wine all the day
And an apology will come forth-perchance