Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Phillis Watkins Spengler is dying. I am honored to sit beside her, doing nothing. If I even try to gently cover her exposed left foot with a warm blanket, she quips, "Oh Sue, stop fussing!" There is nothing left for me to do but sit and wonder.

I wonder about the secrets she is taking with her off into her afterlife.

I wonder what she sees in her mind's eye.

I wonder what it feels like to know that you are dying.

I wonder about the cruel, beautiful irony of crossing over just as the apricot trees blossom here on earth.

I wonder at the miracle of being able to stand on two feet, and then to walk, and then to run.

I wonder how long it will be now.


John W. May said...

Very touching reflection. Thank you for sharing.


What sad departure must we know
When western sun with ebbing glow
Descends behind that mountain row
And ladens us with missing woe

We would that you should comprehend
That we indeed shall miss you, friend
Our thoughts of you shall never end
Whose hearts your way shall ever bend

Perhaps we’ll see you rising east
And meeting once again can feast
With wine and bread devoid of yeast
Where lambs lie safe by king of beasts

Anonymous said...

Love to you, John and the kids. You are an inspiration.

Nicy Superstar said...

Love these lines...