Monday, September 8, 2008

in case you missed it......

here's the RNC in 108 seconds. I dare you to try not to laugh.

After you're done laughing, however, go out and register some new Democrats and talk your asses off to your undecided friends and neighbors.

An interesting aside.... when I was coming out of anesthesia from my surgery last Friday, I vaguely, as if in a dream, heard the anesthesiologist and some nurses talking politics. I mustered all the energy I could, and, as if speaking with a mouth full of cotton balls, declared, "Palin's a psychopath."

I'm pretty sure that ended the conversation!


Anonymous said...

I'm so impressed, anesthetized and you still managed to say the only thing that needed saying.

Kate said...

Go girl! At least Obama has a prayer in CO, unlike UT.
How are you feeling?

Anonymous said...

That's was all you needed to say girl!
The Superstar