Friday, May 18, 2007

my grad

Bennett graduated from kindergarten today, amidst sweet songs and sunshine. I wonder what he will remember from this moment. What do you remember from the end of your glory days? I remember matching mother and daughter knitted ponchos, hobby horses in a circle, a cold tile floor, and graham crackers. And already the antagonism of wills and the burden of proof upon my 6-year-old soul for something I knew had little to do with me.
I hope he will remember:

his brother

his first love

his buddies

his mama

congratulations, my little friend!


Anonymous said...

Great Graduation Photos! Thanx beautiful lady.
Miss you guys
From Chester's Mom

Marina said...

so sweet.
i already miss our class of pals.

Grandpa said...

Bennett - Nice going! Cheryl and I are very proud. I can remember taking you that first day to meet your teacher. Do you? Hope to see you this summer.
All our love,
Grandpa and Cheryl

Doc said...


Watch your back around those 2nd graders next year, they can be very sneaky ;) But pay attention and learn there ways `cause soon enough you will be a 2nd grader too.

Uncle John

What I remember: My favorit concrete pipe in the playground, the long learning curve of opening those stupid pints of milk (I'm still not very bright), nap time, my first crush, and the long assending tunnel leading from the newer brightly lit K section to the old under lit, 10,000 ft. ceilinged, 1-6 section and being scared to death when I had to go it alone to the principals or nurses office.

Anonymous said...

Hey Big Buddy!

Congrats! I love you with all my heart. How time flys...